Write a review for Bonnie & Maude!

If you have had a chance to listen to some Bonnie & Maude podcast episodes (my latest endeavor and one that is close to my heart because it’s felt like a bigger risk than any of my previous movie-related projects), please take a moment and write a short review for us on iTunes. Even just marking a Customer rating per episode or for the entire show raises our exposure and makes it more likely that someone who stumbles onto the show will give it a chance.

I’m not asking for long, glowing reviews.

Just a sentence or two about what you though and/or your favorite episode would mean a great deal to me and confirm that our hard work is being appreciated by the audience.

Women talking about film in podcast form is something that virtually does not exist and I want to help change this, starting with our show.

And if you have suggestions or critiques — we welcome all to contact us via bonnieandmaude at gmail dot com